Welcome to Sarvepalli’s new website.  I have not updated our website in about 15 years.  This website is mostly to leave information for family and friends to reflect with us.



Sarvepalli’s moved to Fairfax area around end of 2010.  After living in Cincinnati (OH), Singapore, Greensboro (NC), Bangalore (India), Atlanta (GA) – our longest strike at a habitat has been Fairfax.  But! wait we may be moving again.


Intro to Hebrews – 1

The book of Hebrews is written to a Jewish believers who have stepped out of Judaism into Christianity. The book is to an exhortation asking Jewish believers to endure persecution and walk by faith with fellow believers. This appeal is based on the superiority of Christ – the head figure for the Christian believer. The …


From perculators to Espressso – come, hang out, drink coffee, play!