Primo Pluviam – the first rain

– A poem about the first rain, as God Almighty appeals to the Dominos Aqua – The Lord of Water by Vijay Sarvepalli

What is your injunction, why have you summoned me?
I carry your orders to keep this earth fertile
Have you more things for me now set aside.

I the Lord of heaven and earth am also the Lord God of justice
My eyes cannot stand evil, I regret man that I have made,
whose thoughts are continually vile
his actions make all this beauty now to become futile

Water as great as I am, created on the second day by your wise powerful hand
have long ignored such state of men to carry on the work you began
I see no limit to man’s folly and do not see a way for them to be holy
Nevertheless what you command I will do, will not tarry until it is done.

On the second day I laid the large firmament
dividing you
between the heavens and earth
I held the waters above to shelter mankind
keeping them from the power and the fervor of sun

I preserved his crops from drought by hot waves,
Release now your waters so destroy this earth,
My spirit will no longer strive with six score years of this homine.

I did never imagine such power will be released to start afresh new life,
my hope rises as I see afar the earth at last without man and his strife
I am ready to pour myself on earth consuming all flesh of its breath
filling every vale with corpses of this death,
Lord indeed you can make all this into new things.

But before you go too far, take my regret into your fury
Sustain for me a small life, don’t forget this was your initial duty
I have seen but one little kin – Noah and his three sons
Spare their lives so I can quicken this earth with new colors
In my wisdom I will instruct him to build an ark
keep him warm when all else is wet and cold and dark.

But my master, did I not understand your wrath
brought upon mankind as their own aftermath
Why would you preserve such kin and allow for more pain
Have I not seen Noah far from perfect and this three young sons.
I see no hope of a new nation from such stray souls,
his melancholy yet diligent hands cannot remove all this fouls.
Did I not understand that you are indeed God of justice?

It is not my justice you did not understand, but my mercy
My mercy indeed triumphs over such despair and folly
Noah, while not perfect has surely seen none but I am holy
I will spring forth from such downtrodden as this lineage
one that will breath new life like young and new foliage
My eyes overlook many mistakes
and will help his soul so that even it even awakes.

I only see what I have observed that Noah is but drunk in his grief
In me I do not perceive any such success,
I only predict he will bring about a despondent people who will
sing their lives with such hollow tunes unable to perceive
the success you have laid for them for their soul’s fortunes.
Noah can only breath back trickle flames into such souls
those that are always looking for lazy games.

I see wisdom has spoken to thee
to see afar a life so tossed with wind and doctrine
so easily wrought with worry and care
you have seen a people who cannot rise
and see the plan I have surmise
Yet in my mercy I hope to bring my son
to breath life into their spirits and drive out their sin.

Oh wise and holy one, your son is but only one
Will God become man and help finish what had begun
No such plan I can see, only a little more than human
my eyes have been spared such wisdom and plan
Tell me more how this little kin of five
will bring about your son and cause mankind to survive

On the third day I brought forth grass, herb yielding seed
in the same way I will rise him up again
and bring out of a dark human grave
unseen power of mine to save
He will go down to the lowest places
preach even to these imprisoned spirits
and make proclamation of this eternal salvation
Even those disobedient at this deluge
will be given a chance for salvation and a safe refuge

Surely death of the such a holy one, will shake and cower
and cause me to bring darkness on earth to help me cover
this sorrow and pain, angels will stop their singing
Hearts on earth will be broken
Even if it were revealed through prophecy such a thought was spoken
I do not see the wisdom of thee, but can see that
Satan summon such evil and cause mankind to eliminate your only son.

This is from me, I have even told my son you can
lay down your life and yes, you can pick it up again.
No such right I can give anyone,
watch the third day as I brought firstfruit on earth
I will command the angels and bring my son
to overcome and fulfill the plan that I started with
a rainbow in the sky and a promise to never again
flood the earth but renew it once more.
Come one day I will call up on
fire to help renew life with new heavens and new earth
A judgement spared will not be consigned to oblivion
but will wipe out evil and save the lowly for my newfound heaven.

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge,
how unsearchable are your judgments, and
how your ways past finding out
I have the power and wisdom that you provided
but have no such privilege as mankind to me
to be redeemed in such beautiful ways
I come to top and think of the day
you brought light out of darkness, in your own way
have occasioned that evil can only bring more good from all its vile
and bring back the eternal into this life mortal.