Parched in the Desert

Walking through dry land, my throat is all parched
Deep in the desert, my thoughts are all lost
I seek a treasure, no matter the cost
For I am thirsty, deprived of all sorts

It is the living waters that I now seek
It comes from the places, both quiet and deep
Quenching my thirst using waters cheap
Helps me only briefly but is never complete

To believe is to drink from this eternal well
Where streams of living waters does come out
Not at the ends of the earth to be found
Nor hidden in the universe hiding to be sought

Rivers of living water flows from within
Only for the ones not ashamed of his sin
The one who has gathered yet who is empty
Now become willing to listen from within

How can you be full, unless you are emptied
Of all that seems filling, yet is incomplete
In this desert of shining mirages, now look for a savior
With the living waters that will never deplete

This is not for the wise nor for the rich, nor for the poor
Not for the famous nor for those obscure
But it is for those who been prepared
And now become willing just to receive
Yes, for those who are keen to be emptied

So I have returned to the same deserted place
But my dryness is gone with a simple embrace
Indeed living waters now flow from within
It is not after death, or in a vision, or in some dream
It is for here and it is for now, overflowing into eternity.