The French Sparrow Song

– A poem of meditation when I was stuck in Paris flying back from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
by Vijay Sarvepalli

Stuck in the transit between these two worlds
I pause in Paris, when I stumbled upon these birds
They do not stop singing even when sky is not blue
Maybe because they still believe their creator is true

All I can say “Little sparrow play on your harp”
Don’t let us with our inventions make you stop
Your voice is in union with millions of others
thanking a great God who seems but unheard

Job himself said “Ask the beasts, they will teach you”
he continued “the birds of the heaven, they will tell you”
What do they tell us? what should they share?
They seem to be singing even if we don’t care

The song is just simple yet so very deep
you can even rhyme with it even in your sleep
It is just to say that the hand of the mighty one
has made every place, everything and everyone

In a song sung long ago in only seven days
The creator made all this in his own ways
We still debate how many millions annorum
since a living cell has turned into our hominum

We don’t know when the creator’s song was sung
why it is hidden from us of all that was said
The sparrow seems to know only that it was all beautiful
that God’s hand is indeed on everything and make us all full

Apostle John seems to think we may not care
for a million more years in heaven of the detail of this work
All too busy in praise to his holy name, to sing a new song
With 24 elders and another world of many many more

Every hominum is created unique and beautiful
To sing the same song even on days we don’t feel very full
Sing oh mankind and do not stumble or stop
By every distraction or by the marketing of a new shop

Every page in the book will be sung a million times
Of creator and his love that will wipe all our crimes
In creation and in salvation he has made us all this new
Once as new things and later as “all things new”

These are the two songs repeated many times
In the book of visions with its own unique chimes
Hop, dance and sing every word to the benevolent king
Clock in every minute with this pure thanksgiving