Primo Pluviam – the first rain

– A poem about the first rain, as God Almighty appeals to the Dominos Aqua – The Lord of Water by Vijay Sarvepalli

What is your injunction, why have you summoned me?
I carry your orders to keep this earth fertile
Have you more things for me now set aside.

I the Lord of heaven and earth am also the Lord God of justice
My eyes cannot stand evil, I regret man that I have made,
whose thoughts are continually vile
his actions make all this beauty now to become futile
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Galápagos Islands – endemic and unique ecosystem

View from Tijeretas – San Cristobal

Kiran (my son) and I got to visit the Galápagos Islands –  a fascinating archipelago admired for its unique collection of species and its exclusive ecosystem.  Darwin’s exceptional work in “Origin of Species … ” started with endemic (unique to one location) nature of species he found in each of these islands. Continue reading “Galápagos Islands – endemic and unique ecosystem”